Pdf and sometimes internet explorer rendering issue on plugable connected monitor

Anytime I open a pdf or move a pdf to the monitor attached through plugable, it doesn’t render correctly and freezes up. Any suggestions?

Thanks for posting! If you’re running Win7 or Vista, a first thing to check is whether Windows’ Aero troubleshooter finds any issues (Aero getting disabled is a common problem; USB graphics relies on it for correct rendering).

Here’s how: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wi…

Let us know if it finds & fixes any problems, then we’ll be able to figure out next steps from there.

Thanks for your patience!

That fixed it…thanks!

I was having this same issue and followed the steps to enable aero and it resolved my issue. I then rebooted the machine and now aero will not run. It tells me that Desktop Window Manager is disabled.

I ran through all of the troubleshooting steps I could find to fix aero but no luck. Finally, I removed the DisplayLink Core Software, rebooted and aero came back and was working. I then re-installed the DisplayLink Core software by plugging the device in and letting it find the latest software and drivers from Windows update.

After a reboot, aero is still not working and thus I am still having the issues with IE and PDF documents not displaying on the second monitor. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

For the 1 day that it was working, I was very, very happy with the product, but without IE and PDF support on that monitor I cannot use it.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for replying back. We just need to find out what is disabling Aero on each reboot. It’s likely we can find the problem, with DisplayLink’s Support Tool logs. Could you send them to us at support@plugable.com (and give a link to this thread so we have context). Here’s how:

Sorry for the frustration. Thanks for doing that - we’ll get it figured out.