PCIE-USB3-SPis it a PCIe 1x card or a PCIe2 card

Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 2-Port Expansion Card

is it PCI Express 1 or PCI Express 2

I have a PCIe2 x16 slot on my motherboard - will it work?

Hi Kim,

Thanks for asking ahead! The Plugable USB 3.0 card (http://plugable.com/products/pcie-usb…) a PCI Express 2.x card supporting a single lane (1x). Those characteristics come from the Renesas Chipset, so you can get more detail from the Renesas page: http://www2.renesas.com/usb/en/produc…

On the x16 slot on your motherboard - I’m afraid we have to caution about that. 1x cards work well in 1x and 4x slots, but we’ve seen several reports of problems in 16x slots. This is a general issue across all USB 3.0 host controller cards.

If you don’t have a 1x or 4x slot available, then there may be a risk (depending on motherboard) that the card won’t work.

Hope that background helps. Thanks again!

Hey Bernie,

The product page lists the item as PCI Express 1.x. Is this a typo?


Hi Brad - That dot is a typo. Thanks for catching that!

The bus-level characteristics of the card are determined by the chipset, which is the Renesas μPD720200 (PCIe Gen2 x 1 Lane).

Hope that helps.

Thanks again!