PCIE-USB3-SP Motherboard specific compatibly for 16x slot.

PCIE-USB3-SP… I have the black PCIe 16x slot available only for this device. Are you aware of its compatibly with this slot in the Asus P5B Premium Series Vista Edition motherboard?

Hi Bill,

Our Amazon listing lists a requirement of a 1x slot, since it’s the one slot type where we find no special cases across motherboards – for 4x, 8x, 16x slots, we’ve found they often don’t accept 1x cards and/or are special purposed for graphics cards.

But we don’t have a specific report with the Asus P5B Premium Series Vista Edition motherboard, so we’re not sure. If I had to guess, I would take the side of caution and assume you won’t be able to plug a USB 3.0 card into that slot.

Sorry for the bad news. Hope that helps. Thanks!