PCIe USB 3 controller card goes unresponsive after 1 second of a connection to anything other than keyboard or mouse

I installed the Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 board, and I can’t get it to work with anything aside from simple devices like keyboards and mice. If I connect a usb2 flash drive, the entire card dies after I access it for about 1 second. I have to shut completely down and bring the system back up for it to regain functionality. I connected a USB3 flash drive to it hoping things would be different. Nope. So: works with mouse / keyboard. Doesn’t work with anything more complex (flash drive, iPad, iPod touch, phone, creative labs USB headset). If I connect ANYTHING aside from a keyboard and mouse, even the keyboard and mouse die. The controller can’t handle it. Any ideas?

I moved the card to a different PCIe slot, and it started working. I’ll comment again if it stops working again.


Thanks for posting! Glad to know that moving the card to a different PCIe slot has gotten it to work. :slight_smile:

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Just a note that may help others: the symptoms described above sound like it may be the card not getting enough power from the motherboard to power the USB ports. This would be the most common reason why low power devices like keyboards/mice are working, but devices that require more bus power like flash drives are not working.

Our USB 3.0 card has a supplemental 4-pin 5V Molex power input connector. We always recommend connecting the 5V Molex/LP4 power cable from motherboard to the USB 3.0 card, if possible (some motherboards only provide SATA power cables, requiring a SATA->LP4 cable to get it all hooked up).


I thought that might be the case, too, so after I couldn’t get the devices to work directly on the card, I plugged in a powered USB 3 hub, and connected the devices through that. (I have, unfortunately, had too much experience working with USB from an embedded developer perspective, and also had to write the USB interface library for our PC app to communicate with the device via USB. Top that off with the fact that the original USB driver from the USB chip manf was bugged to have power issues that had things working great when running through a powered hub and had intermittent problems when connected directly, and I have some strong anti-USB sentiments.) :slight_smile:

Still, it works now, and I plugged a RocketRaid PCIe card into the slot that I had the USB 3 card in, and both cards are working. My mobo only has a pcie x8 and 2 x16, and this card is a x1, so I wouldn’t expect that to be a problem. Originally I had it plugged into the x16 next to the video card, and now it’s plugged into a x8. My major frustration is that I spent a few hours with it prior to finally deciding to switch slots. All this to prevent the need to install a new motherboard to get the newer technologies and need to reinstall everything.

I also forgot to mention that I did have a molex connector plugged directly (not through a converter) into the card. Maybe it wasn’t plugged sufficiently, because I did push on it to make sure it was seated when I placed the card in its new position.