PC won't boot with hub attached

I’ve had a USB3 7-port hub for quite awhile, and this week it has started causing problems. When I boot my PC (HP Envy laptop running Win8.1), it won’t boot. It appears to hang in the initial self-tests. If I disconnect the hub, it boots normally even if I plug it back in within a few seconds, and after plugging it in, the USB devices all work properly too.

I’ve never had problems with it before, and I haven’t made any changes to the PC configuration, software or OS.

Thanks for any advice or help!



Sorry to hear about the issues with your hub. Does this issue also occur if the hub is attached with nothing connected to it?

Best wishes.

Thanks for your reply, Josh. I tried removing devices from the hub one at a time, then plugged them back in, and now the system boots normally again with everything attached. The keyboard not working had been the first symptom, and now it’s fine too.

Looks like it was one of those untraceable Windows glitches that just happened… I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks again for the support.


Hi Peter,

Great news! If it keeps happening just let us know. For the quickest reply from us just shoot us an email directly at http://plugable.com/support/email

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