PC only powers on if Hub is disconnected from power, then both work.

PC will not power on when USB Hub is connected to power. Unplug the Hub and the PC works, then I can plug in the Hub again. I use Windows 7, 64-bit.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re very sorry for the frustration of having to unplug the hub to boot your system!

We’ve had reports of this problem on certain desktop systems (a small percentage, but we’re now up to almost 5 reports of this), and are working on a product change which we think will help the issue.

We’re looking for users who are experiencing this booting problem with the current hub, who can help confirm the product change. We’re expecting the first of these new units in about two weeks.

For anyone else who is experiencing this issue, please email support@plugable.com with your Amazon order #, and we’ll contact you back with next steps.

Charles - we’ll follow up in email to get you going with that.

Again, our apologies for the frustration. Thanks, though, for reporting this - it has helped us identify this as a problem in some configurations, and we’ll work to figure it out and get it fixed.

Thank you!

I have the same issue.

The problem seems to be that the USB Hub is sending 5v signal back to the computer, which it should not be doing! I’m not a USB expert, but as far as I know, the voltage should only be supplied from the type-A side of the cable. To have the voltage coming back from the (mini) type-B side is confusing the computer- luckily it doesn’t seem to have damaged anything on my end, but I would be careful about leaving it plugged into the computer, I don’t think it’s good for your PCs health.

Bernie, I’m going to follow up with an e-mail to support@plugable about my issue. I just got my device this week from amazon, I’d be willing to test out one of your new devices when they come in.

We have refreshed our hubs with improved back-voltage handling (as of Feb 2011 for the 7 port hub, and March 2011 for the 10 port hub). If your purchase is before these times periods and you’re seeing this issue, please email your Amazon order number to support@plugable.com and we’ll be happy to exchange your unit right away.

I received my hub some time ago, and am happy to report it works great. Thanks so much for the quick response by the company, you guys score an A++ when it comes to customer service!

Thanks so much for the kind words, Eric!

yeah i bought mine 2 weeks ago May, 4 2011 and pc wont start

Hi Bruce - we think yours is a different problem, we’ll work with you on the other threads you created to figure it out. Thanks!