PC HDMI port quick working after USB 3.0 7-port hub installation


I just installed the 2k hdmi adapter to your plugable usb 3.0 7-port hub. prior to doing this i was running an external toshiba monitor from my PC hdmi port. As soon as i installed the plugable components last nite, my hdmi port was working to the toshiba monitor and your new hub and 2k hdmi adapter to my second monitor (visio e291i-a1) worked just fine. I turned off the computer last nite and started it back this morning. The hdmi port is not working now, but the plugable conputers thru my usb port are working. How do I get my hdmi port working again to my toshiba monitor? I have checked the control panel and only 2 monitors show up…the laptop monitor and the monitor connected thru the plugable components; I tested both hdmi cables i am using one at a time thru your hub and they both work. Both monitors work if i plug them one at a time in your hub. I only have one plugable 4k hdmi adapter.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting!

I see that you’ve reached out to us directly and after a power-cycle of your system, the monitor connected directly to the HDMI port on your computer has been restored. There may have been something odd occurring with the Intel graphics and its modules and this reboot restored things to a proper working state, but do let us know if the issue resurfaces.

Thank you!


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