PB-12k2 occasionally locks up until I attempt to charge it. Can't use it until then no matter what I try.

I received my Power Bank pb12k2 two weeks ago from Amazon, and loved it initially. However, a few times when charging my Samsung Galaxy S4, after charging for a few minutes, it has simply stopped charging the phone, the blue lights go out, and it cannot be revived or used to charge anything (even with nothing connected) until I attempt to charge the Power Bank itself via the normal method (even for a few seconds) - this seems to reset it, and then it works fine (until the next failure).

Is there some sort of process to reset a unit back to normal operation without having to attempt to recharging it to fix it? It’s very inconvenient when it happens, since it appears dead until I’m near power again. It’s happened three times in the last week or so.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like you likely have a defective unit. I’d be happy to help with a replacement. I;To get this started, we need to get some personal information from you. Could you contact me at suppot@plugable.com and mention ticket #104108


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies