"Parameter is Incorrect" Error when opening software


Whenever I try to open the Plugable Digital viewer software an error message saying “The Parameter is incorrect” shows up and the microscope doesn’t show up. If I go to the settings and try and change the device to USB Microscope the same message shows up. The microscope does open up in the default windows camera app, but in the settings it shows up as an audio device.


Hello Jacob,

Thanks for contacting us! I do apologize for any trouble you’ve had, and I am here to help. Glad to see that the microscope works with the default Windows Camera app. Do you use an Oculus Rift headset? The microscope uses the same chipset as the Oculus Rift sensors, and Windows may mistake the microscope for one. This can cause it to show up as an audio device. We should try a few steps in Device Manager to see if we can resolve this.

  1. Disconnect the Oculus Rift sensors and cameras.
  2. Connect the Plugable USB Digital Microscope.
  3. Open the Device Manager in Windows. This can be done several ways, if you’re uncertain how to access Device Manager perform these steps:
  • Press the Windows key and R (Win + R).
  • In the window that pops up, type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes), then click OK.
  1. Look for the microscope. It will likely be listed as a Rift DK2 sensor, under ‘Oculus VR Devices’. If you’re not certain if you found it, disconnect the microscope and the entry should disappear. Reconnect the microscope and the entry should come back, that’s how we’ll know for certain we’re looking at the correct device.
  2. Once we’ve found the microscope, right click on it. Choose ‘Update Driver’ > ‘Browse My Computer For Driver Software’ > ‘Let Me Pick From A List Of Device Drivers On My Computer’, then look for ‘USB Video Device’, then click next to complete the install.

If you would, please give that a try, and let me know what happens.

Thank you,

Product Owner


I don’t have an oculus but updating the drivers did the trick thanks!


Hello Jacob,

Thanks for the reply! Awesome, glad to see the steps worked. Again, I do apologize for any trouble with this. Please let me know if anything comes up, and I’ll be here to help!

Thank you, and have a great week.

Product Owner

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