Pairing Apple AirPods with BT 4.0 Adapter

I plugged my BT adapter into my work PC but it’s not able to find the correct drivers so that I can pair my Apple AirPods to my PC. The website offers an executable file, but all I really need is the driver files to update. I’m considering returning the product if I cannot come to a resolution. !](](


Thank you for contacting us about your Bluetooth adapter. I’m sorry it isn’t connecting your AirPods.

Actually, AirPods use the same general Bluetooth audio drivers (actually called Profiles in Bluetooth) that nearly all Bluetooth audio devices used.

However, Windows 7 doesn’t come with built-in audio support for Bluetooth, so it has to be added by third-party software like the executable on our site. It adds not only the profiles themselves, but also the necessary Windows infrastructure to communicate with an audio device.

If you install the latest executable from our site (, it your computer be able to connect to the AirPods. If it doesn’t please let us know and we can work on whatever deeper issue is causing the problem.


I have Windows 10. The drivers are installed. My airpods are not connecting.
Any thoughts?

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for commenting here. Could you contact us directly at about this, and mention my name? We can do some troubleshooting and should be able to discover the problem.

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