Over-heated and ruined USB drives!

Over-heated and ruined USB Drives!
Recently purchased the Plugable USB 2.0 10 Port Hub with Charging.
Model: USB2-HUB10C2
This afternoon I went to relocate the hub on my desk and it was incredibly hot.
The 2 USB drives that were plugged into it are no longer recognized on any port. When looking at the USB drives they are visibly melted on the end.

Hi Cassandra,

We’re terribly sorry to hear about the frustration from any damage that may have been caused to your devices. To set expectations, there will be limits on what we can do about the devices, but we want to do what we can to help.

The first and most important thing we want to check is the power supply for your hub. Could you please check the label on the hub’s power supply and either reply with a photo or let us know what the voltage and amperage ratings are? We’re looking for anything that is amiss, like a mistake at the factory, or an accidental mix-up with a power supply from another device.

Since the hub was working fine before relocating, I fear that perhaps the wrong power adapter may have been connected.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Josh -

The crazy thing is I didn’t relocate it. I was only going to adjust it’s location on my desk when I picked it up and it was so hot. There was no need to unplug until I realized how hot it was.

Attached photo of power supply used for hub.


That is crazy indeed. I can’t say we’ve seen a failure like this on this hub before. I’m going to contact you directly via email to collect some order information for you, but we’ll be getting you a replacement right away.

Keep an eye out for my email shortly.