Other Bluetooth Driver Removal Instuctions

I received email from my Amazon order that instructed me to “In Windows, please be sure that you uninstall any previous Bluetooth adapter software/drivers as this can create a conflict with your new Plugable Bluetooth adapter”. Does this mean that I should remove my motherboard installed Bluetooth (Toshiba P870 Intel 4.0 Bluetooth now with Microsoft W81-64 drivers), and install yours? Disable Motherboard Bluetooth either in HW or switch off? Or does it mean leave integrated alone, but make sure I uninstall any other dongle usb Bluetooth?

Hi Malcolm,

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Windows can’t operate with more than one Bluetooth adapter at a time, so in order for the Plugable adapter to work, the built-in adapter must be either uninstalled, disabled in hardware (for example from the BIOS), or disabled in software.

The best way depends on the configuration of your computer and your Windows version. For example in Windows 10, it is often enough to right-click the other Bluetooth adapter in Device Manager, select Disable, and restart your computer. In Windows 7, it is usually necessary to remove the drivers for the built-in adapter in addition to disabling it. We can help with this.

In many cases, we recommend to use the built-in adapter if possible, and if you bought the Plugable to replace a built-in adapter that wasn’t working right, we can help figure out whether it is possible to get the built-in working, whether moving over to the Plugable is the best choice, or whether some more fundamental problem with Windows is keeping Bluetooth from working at all.

Could you please answer a few questions that will help me understand the best way to proceed?

  1. What version of Windows do you have on your computer?

  2. What Bluetooth peripheral device, such as headphones, speaker, keyboard, mouse, etc.) are you trying to connect?

  3. What problems or deficiencies with the built-in adapter made you want to move over to the Plugable adapter?


Plugable Support

Hi Malcolm,

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