OpenCV control of Camera - specific CV_CAP_PROP options in VideoCapture

Hiya - in OpenCV2, VideoCapture class, CV_CAP_PROP options, what options are available for USB2-MICRO-200X? Specifically are gain and exposure enabled, as well as the ability to set autoexposure off? If not implemented in OpenCV, is there are direct C++ or python3 command that can be sent to the camera to perform these functions? I have a case where I’m looking at something really bright (an LED) and I need to adjust the gain and exposure all the way down. Thanks, RR

Thanks for asking!

Do you have a USB2-MICRO-200X to try? We no longer sell this model and we never tested it with OpenCV.

This is just a standard UVC device, so there are many libraries out there that can interface with it.