Only ONE partition shows up with new Plugable Docking Station...

I put an existing 4T sata drive in my new “plugable” docking station… but only ONE of the partitions showed up.
Is there something wrong or do I have to do something specific to get BOTH partitions to show up?

Hi Tim,

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If you hard drive already has data written to it, you may need to mount the missing partition(s) manually in Windows’ “Disk Management” settings.

More information here:…

Let me know if this does not solve your issue, or if you have any other questions.

Jordan @ Plugable

Hmmm… This is an iMac… does that matter?
Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi Tim,

If you are using a Mac OS then I would reference the Mac’s Disk Utility feature instead of Window’s Disk Management feature. They offer similar services to the user.

The drive issue that you are experiencing is due to either a settings configuration, or a failing hard drive - it is not something that can be caused by the Plugable dock.

That being said, I found this help documentation for the Disk Utility feature:

I would contact Apple Support if the above article does not resolve your issue, they will be better suited to help recover your missing partition.

Thanks! - Jordan @ Plugable

Hmmm… When I pull the drive from your dock and put it my old one…
BOTH partitions show up.
So… Something IS different between the two docks.

Side note… the drives showed up partitioned upon purchase. Does a 4T drive HAVE to be partitioned?

Some hard drives may be pre-formatted by the manufacturer, but internal hard drives should not have any partitions out of box.

If you are able to read both partitions on one of our docks, I would back up the data from each partition immediately to another destination until we can resolve the issue.

This is a very unusual case. Please reach out to our technical support team at so that we can provide more in-depth assistance.

Thanks! - Jordan @ Plugable