Only 2 out of 4 monitors are working

I have a X390 Yoga plugged through USB-C to the UD-3900C4 docking. Connected to the docking are 2 samsung 27 in monitors connected through HDMI to ports 1 and 3, a third LG 27in monitor connected to HDMI to port 3 and a fourth 24in Samsung monitor connected via an HDMI to DVI bidirectional cable (brand Benfei). Also connected is a logitech dongle to usb for keyboard and mouse, webcam and printer. I tried changing my cables, other monitors as well but nothing works to have all four monitors in operation. At best, one day, the fourth monitor was Lightning up for a few seconds and then turned black. Further, prior to connecting everything, I also downloaded the executable to install the displaylink software for windows 10.3. Is there anything I am missing? Is there a setting on the laptop that need to be activated?

Hi Christian,

Thanks for reaching out to Plugable support! I’d be happy to help with that.

This docking station does not require any extra enabling for the HDMI ports to function. However, it does require that you use the USB-C cable that came with the original docking station along with connecting the dock to a port that supports at minimum USB-C Alt Mode. Looking at the specs for the computer you mentioned, it looks like it should support USB-C Alt Mode as well as have USB-C ports that support Thunderbolt 3.

Could you please let us know if it is the HDMI ports marked 1 or 2, or the HDMI ports 3 and 4 that you’re having issues with?

Thank you.

Richard A
Plugable Technologies

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