One week old My Plugable is disconnecting the ethernet

I have a HP Spectre There are very limited ports. I feel like I was forced to buy a Thunderbolt. The problems have been isolated to the TBTA unit. I hope that changing the drivers stabilize this situation.

It’s been 12 hours since I installed the suggested drivers. So far so good.

Wonderful news, thank you for letting us know the new drivers have helped so far!

In case others are curious that may see this forum post, these are the drivers that are being referred to:

The newest Ethernet drivers for the TBT4-UDZ can be found here directly from Realtek (the manufacturer of the Ethernet chipset): You’ll want to choose the appropriate download for what operating system the computer is running (Windows 10 or Windows 11).

These newest drivers from Realtek will overwrite the drivers that were provided by Windows automatically and in our testing should offer both greater stability and performance from the dock Ethernet.

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