One of the three monitors displays its screen 90 degrees counterclockwise

My problem is that one of the three monitors I have will display 90 degrees counterclockwise while the other two monitors display as they should. I have 3 monitors set up to a laptop docking station that has two DVI-D video ports and one VGA port. I have the cables connected as follows:
DVI-D Video 1 Port is monitor “1”
VGA Port is monitor “2”
DVI-D Video 2 Port is monitor “3”.
I prefer the center monitor–monitor “1”–to be such that when I mouse to the left, the pointer moves to monitor “3” on my left; and when I move to the right, the pointer moves to monitor “2”. I just can’t figure out why the display on the left–monitor “3” is displaying the screen rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. I have already tried going through the manual menu of the monitor itself to see if I can manually rotate the screen. When I swapped docking station port connections, it only made the rightmost monitor become the display with the screen rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for contacting us! Sorry for the frustration - we’ll be able to help.

You can control both the monitor position and rotation from the display control panel.

What that looks like depends on what operating system you’re running – can you say, are you running Win 7? Mac?

For Windows, there’s good background in DisplayLink’s User Manual, available here:

For configuring layout on Win 7, look on pages 12-13. For Windows XP, page 14-19.

Just let us know if you need any assistance or if you hit a particular problem - we’ll be happy to help.

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