One computer, Two locations , two monitors, keyboards and mouse?

I have a computer that I need to move to a different location in my house. I want to keep the two monitors, keyboard & mouse I have in that room. In addition I would like to add two more monitors with a keyboard & mouse in a different room.

My thinking is that I can run two Ethernet cat5 / cat6 cables from the computer to two of plugable devices.
This will allow me to hook up everything up in each location.

Is there a Plugable product that can do this?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your question in the Get Satisfaction site and contacting us! I’d be happy to assist.

Unfortunately Plugable doesn’t have any product that to be connected via Ethernet cable from PC. Instead we sell devices that to be connected through USB ports.

In order to meet your requirements, if asked I’d recommend you two of our UD-3900 dual display universal docking stations.

If you set the UD-3900 in each room and connect devices (two displays, keboard and mouse) to the dock, you can easily connect/disconnect all of them by simply plugging/unplugging one USB cable from/to the computer.

I’m sorry that I don’t have the direct answer for you, but hope the above helps! Please let me know if you needed any additional information. Thanks again for posting/sending the question regarding to our products!

Pluagable Support