Older laptop will not duplicate - only extend.


Ok, we are out of ideas and need some help from you with this. Here is the background…

Our teaching staff here at a public school corporation uses Lenovo thinkpad 11e’s with your 3.0 docking stations. We have a ceiling mounted projector connected to the dock with a vga to dvi adapter, and a desktop monitor connected with an hdmi cable (hdmi to dvi adapter on the monitor). Our machines are all running Windows 10. This setup works perfectly. The teachers can duplicate, extend, or any combination of options with three screens if their laptops are open, or with two screens if they shut their laptop. No issues.

Some teachers have asked to have their desktop monitors removed. This leaves them just the Thinkpad 11e conneted to the dock, and a vga to dvi connected projector. This, also, works fine. They can duplicate or extend, no issues.

The issue occurs when we try to use any other older laptop or tablet with this second setup (projector adapted vga to dvi at the dock, and no desktop monitor). Whether we use a Dell 6420 laptop without a USB 3.0 port, or an older Lenovo laptop (not a thinkpad, but it DOES have a USB 3.0 port…) we do not have the option to duplicate. The choices are screen 1, screen 2, or extend. Again - Windows 10, using the latest Plugable dock driver, Epson projectors…out of ideas.

Please help. Thanks,

Hi Rachel,

We have responded to the email you sent to support@plugable.com with the next steps. Please respond only to our direct email so we can keep all communication in one place.

Thank you!

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