Number of linux pcs to connect to a single server using ud-16m

Having purchased 11 ud-160m, Can I connect 11 Pcs running linux to a single server?

Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for posting – Yes, but only if it’s the very latest Linux kernels, like the one included in Fedora 18. Are you already running or planning to run Fedora 18?

Also, if you’d rather go the Windows route, now with Windows Multipoint Server 2012, that also supports a large number of USB terminals:…

Whereas previously there were lower limits, now with these new systems your only limits are:

  1. USB bus limits of 127 sub-functions per host controller (which works out to about 20 UD-160-Ms per server if only plugging into one host controller), configured no more than 5 deep.

  2. Performance – as you go from 8 to 16 terminals or more, you’ll need to be on non-video, non-gaming type scenarios (apps and web).

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any problems. Thanks!