Now using Windows 10 (from Windows 7) - can't get Bluetooth adapter to connect my Mouse or any other device!

Upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to 10 (without Bluetooth), long story but old adapter was working fine to connect a Bluetooth mouse on Windows 7. Old adapter needed updated drivers but that company wanted almost $30 and didn’t speak English! Nothing worked, so I bought your Adapter (Model USB-BT4LE)- still nothing!

I’ve uninstalled the old software and drivers (as far as I can tell), updated the drivers for the new adapter from your website and for my Mouse from Microsoft. The adapter has a blue light but it does not “see” my Mouse! I’ve restarted my computer in between all of this mess but cannot get my Mouse connected. I’ve spent 2.5 days trying to get this to work and I’m ready scream!

Hi Pamela,

I’m really sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you’ve been having with Bluetooth. I’d like to help but I need more information in order to do so.

Please have the adapter plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Once you get the file, please e-mail us directly at and use the subject line “For Ticket #167710” to send the file as an attachment.

In addition to sending the e-mail with the PlugDebug file as an attachment. In the body of the e-mail, could you please tell me the model number of the mouse?

I look forward to receiving your e-mail.