Notebook to 3D Monitor


I have an ASUS G74SX 3D vision enabled with no DVI out. and also a ASUS monitor VG236H which only supports 3D vision via DVI.

Any of the plugable products can help me connect these two and be able to use 3D vision features?

Hi Shafa,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help. Looking at the ASUS monitor specs it looks like NVIDIA 3D graphics is only supported via Dual Link DVI-D input. Since this is NVIDIA proprietary technology and your laptop comes only with HDMI port, I would recommend looking for a solution from NVIDIA to see if they offer any kind of display adapters between HDMI and Dual Link DVI-D that supports NVIDIA 3D technology.

Sorry I don’t have better news. Just let us know if you have any further questions.