Not working on M3 mac pro

Hi, I have tried this adapter on an M2 mac air and it works fine but on the M3 pro the instantview software is not detecting the adaptor or the attached display. Mac is patched up to date on Sonoma and the instantview is the current version. Any tips on what the issue may be?



Welcome to the Plugable forums! I can certainly investigate this M3 Pro detection issue with your UGA-HDMI-2S USB Graphics Adapter and help work toward a solution.

In a case like this I would suggest to try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try updating your macOS operating system and perform a system restart
  2. Uninstall the macOS InstantView software and reinstall it
  3. To uninstall, navigate to the Finder folder, go to the Applications folder, then drag and drop macOS InstantView into the trash.

Please download the latest version of the software here:

Silicon Motion InstantView v3.18 R03

During the reinstallation process please have the UGA-HDMI-2S connected to your M3 Pro so that it updates the device’s firmware as well.

If these issues persist please contact us directly using our contact page here:

Plugable Technologies

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