Not working correctly on Linux Ubuntu 16.04


I have the Bluetooth USB Adapter 4.0, i tried your device on windows 8.1 and it worked correctly, at least what i know is that the adapter works on windows. Then i tried it on Ubuntu 16.04, I was able to pair the adapter to a headphone and listen to some music but for some reason every 4 seconds more less the sound kind of cuts is not smooth all the time, I tried with a blue tooth speaker and the same happened.
The problem only happens in Ubuntu maybe there is something about the drivers or something else that i am not getting right.

I would really appreciate your help.


Hi Victor,

Thank you for posting about this. The adapter does work in Ubuntu 16.04 and you shouldn’t be experiencing the periodic sound problems. I suspect that there is a radio interference problem, either coming from the computer that the adapter is coming from, or from some external source near the computer.

I have a quick question: Is the Ubuntu computer the same computer you tested with Windows 8.1, or is it a different computer.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

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Hi David,

Yes is the same computer may be there is something with the usb ports that ubuntu is not handling correctly in my computer. I ran a ubuntu live in other computer just to test and it worked correctly, the device works in the two OS windows and ubuntu, sadly not in my PC. XD

Thanks for the help.

Hi Victor,

Sorry for the delay in answering. I took a short vacation last week.

I’ve not experienced any situations where Ubuntu had problems with USB ports and the adapter where Windows didn’t.

I still suspect a radio interference issue. Were you using the same ports with both Windows and Ubuntu?


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I’m having the same problem as victor. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 and it lags and cuts in and out. I’ve tested the interference problem, don’t believe its that. I’m dual booting with windows and everything works fine on windows side. I purchased 2 from you guys. Works fine in my laptop. The difference between these to computers is that there was no existing bluetooth driver in laptop. As my pc is a HP it has a bluetooth. I have tried disabling the native bluetooth driver but to no success. Any suggestions? or maybe a differerent idea?

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for posting here.

In Linux, we generally don’t disable the built-in adapter. Instead we get Linux to use the Plugable one instead. Unlike Windows, Linux can deal with two Bluetooth adapters at the same time.

Could you please email us directly at and mark it Attn: David Roberts? I would like to get some system information from your computer, and then we can make a plan for making the adapter work.

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