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the light will not come on on the adapter, i am a computer person and have tried new cables, changing from dvi to vga, still does not work, installed and reinstalled software numerous times, since i have very little time before i can return it , i need some help here, i need to use this hardware , no blue screens, no problems with software, any ideas>?

Hi Louise

Thanks for posting, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a frustrating experience with your product.

Could you please provide the model of the device you purchased, and/or your Amazon order ID so I can look up to see what you have? Once I’m clear on what product we’re troubleshooting I’m confident we can get you up and running!

Thanks again for posting and best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies

uga-165 rev b sn 8844002603288
Bought From Amazon
I have Tried new cords, both from the monitor to the adapter, dvi to vga adapters, new monitor cables, although the cables that are on worked on my other computer. the Green light on the adapter never comes on…even tried another usb adapter from the adapter to the pc. still no light…have had this type of adapter
before with no problems but not so this time.
Ethel Louise McCurry

Hi Louise-

Thanks for letting me know about what you tried with the cords and testing ones you know work.

I’m trying to determine if you might have received a defective unit, or if there is a software problem, so I’m curious if this SPECIFIC adapter has ever worked, regardless of how others have. Please let me know if you’ve ever had success with this particular adapter.

Some further details from your system will also be needed, which can be collected by the DisplayLink support tool. Instructions on use and download are available here:…

Please reply with the output from the support tool attention Jeff to and I should have what I need to determine if this is a defective unit or if there’s a software issue keeping it from coming to life.

Thanks and best wishes!