"Not supported Wireless WAN" Error on Boot (Lenovo U350)

I am using a Plugable USB 2.0 Docking Station to 1-plug my monitor/Ethernet/USB keyboard+mouse/sound into either my desktop PC (older Dell with NO issues) or my laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad U350.
Dell is going grand. IdeaPad U350 installed all s/w drivers fine but on boot with Plugable plugged into one of it’s USB ports gives a POST error as it’s checking teh hardware content of the PC. The errror message is:

Error! Not supported wireless WAN in system
Press F1 to resume F2 to Setup

F1 locks things up till power down, F2 goes to Setup, but I did not find any problematic settings in Setup.

If I start the laptop and let Win7 begin loading before plugging USB 2.0 Dock into the laptop USB port everything goes well. Boot/reboot with the dock plugged in and you get the error message above and have to unplug and restart the system.

Are there settings for the dock or Lenovo laptop I need to make to get them to 'play nice from boot up?

Hi Dave,

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles with the dock when booting your Lenovo. I have some questions to ask to ensure I understand your configuration.

From your inquiry, I can’t tell if the error message is odd because you don’t have a WiFi adapter in one of the dock’s USB ports or if you need to know how to make Lenovo boot properly when the WiFi adapter plugged into one of the dock’s ports.

I’m guessing it’s the latter, but I didn’t want to assume anything. These three questions will help me diagnose the problem.

  1. Is there a WiFi adapter plugged into the dock? If yes, what is the make and model?

  2. If there is a WiFi adapter plugged into the dock, what happens if you remove it from the dock and then boot the Lenovo with the dock connected?

  3. If there is a WiFi adapter plugged into the dock, can you plug it directly into one of the Lenovo’s USB ports and then boot the Lenovo successfully.

I’ll look forward to your feedback, and we’ll go from there.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies