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Your UGA2KA convertor does not work–at least not easily–and you are not easy to reach–no phones. I have all new: Dell U2410 24" Monitor,Samsung 32" 720p TV, Dell Optiplex 790 USFF, Windows 7 64bit Pro Intel i3 (3.1GHz, 3MB, 1333MHz FSB), 4GB DDR3, 250GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW, Integrated Video, Integrated 10/100/1000Mbps NIC, 7’ Network Cable, USB Optical Mouse & Mouse Pad, Enhanced Keyboard and AntiVirus Software. I am attempting to use Computer USB to DVI to HDMI to CAT5 (15 ft in wall/non networked) to HDMI to TV. I have an open DVI port and perhaps I should use a DVI to HDMI convertor? The Dell PC sees 2 monitors but cannot recognize the TV. The TV gives a message saying something about “no timing.” Some archaic instructions about “uninstalling” in the paperwork? The drivers appeared to self load through the install wizard (the computer is on a network connected to the internet). Planning on just returning the UGA2K unless there is a SIMPLE answer…

Thanks for posting! Sorry for the frustration.

Unfortunately, I suspect I’ll have bad news.

The problem is being caused by the HDMI to Cat5 Adapter in your setup – with most devices that do that conversion, that will loose the EDID information which is essential for PCs (and especially DisplayLink devices) to recognize the capabilities of the monitor and know how to talk with it (have the right timings).

There are HDMI to Cat5 extenders out there that don’t have this problem, but they’re expensive.

For example, this HDMI to Cat5 extender has EDID learning, but it’s $149.95

Most of the common HDMI extenders ($30-80) do not. Unless it specifically mentions EDID or EDID learning, it probably doesn’t.

We don’t ever want customers stuck with product that can’t work for them. Returns within 30 days are no hassle. Just visit…

Sorry I don’t have better news. Let us know if we can provide info about any other aspects. Thanks again,