Not seeing desktop notifications

Hey there!

I recently purchased a Plugable UD-6950H so I could connect two monitors to my Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 processor. I was able to connect both monitors, but when they are connected via the UD-6950H, the desktop notifications don’t appear at all. I’m running on macOS Monterey version 12.0.1. I downloaded the DisplayLink Manager App version 1.5.

Does anybody have any suggestions or comments regarding this issue?

For future reference, the customer had reached out to us directly and we would like to thank the customer for their response describing their resolution/fix. For anyone else that may experience the same issue please see below for their response.

“Looks like I resolved the issue by activating the option signaled in red in the screen capture below. “When mirroring or sharing the display”. This is found in the notifications and focus option in System Preferences. Desktop notifications are working once again. Thanks!”

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I was going to post this here Michael, but you beat me to it! :grin: I hope this is helpful to any other Plugable customers that experience the same issue.

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