Not Recognizing Second DisplayPort Monitor

I’m trying to connect to two ViewSonic 32" 2560x1440 Displayport monitors and two USB web cameras from the TBT3-UDC1.

What works: Sound, keyboard, video, ethernet, one of two usb web cameras (sort of like the monitors)
What doesn’t work: Second displayport monitor, second web camera.

Laptop: HP ZBook G 15 (8750H, Quadro p600, Thunderbolt 3 with Displayport 1.2)
All video card, thunderbolt controllers have been updated. Thunderbolt control panel is set to “always connect” for port 1.

Displayport monitors plugged into the two displayport slots on the TBT3-UDC1. Only one is ever recognized. If I unplug both, only the first to be plugged in gets recognized. If I power-cycle the dock, only the one plugged into the primary port is recognized.

Same is happening with the webcams, although it’s the first one to be opened by OBS is active and the other is dark.

The webcam thing happened with my other dock (Dell D6000 - USB3 - Dual Displayport). I figured that was because the port was being overwhelmed, so I connected them to different USB 3 hubs, connected to different USB3 ports on the dock and everything worked.

I have them connected to two different USB-A ports on the TBT3-UDC1 and now I can only use one webcam at a time. Tried a combo of both back ports, and one back port / one front. Neither worked.

If I cannot resolve this, I will have to return this dock.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting here and thanks for reaching out to us directly.

We’ve been in contact over email, and we currently have a replacement Thunderbolt 3 cable on the way to you to help us diagnose whether or not this single display limitation could be related to the host cable.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you!


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