Not impressed

Looks like £40 down the drain, why do I believe when it says easy.
It never is.
Stuck on waiting for connection on both laptops???
Rubbish, no expensive rubbish.


Thanks for contacting us! I do apologize for any trouble you’ve had with our Transfer Cable, and I am here to assist! Troubleshooting wise I would recommend to try the following:

  1. Restart each PC this is a basic first step, but, it’s always a good practice to restart your computer after installing software to allow the installation and changes to complete.
  2. Try plugging the cable into different ports on both computers, and let’s swap the cable ends around as well to see if that gets the connection to go through.
  3. The Easy Computer Sync software may need to be updated, the software also comes bundled with an update tool.
  4. In the Windows search bar you can type in “Get Updates” as shown in the attached example image this will update the software. Repeat this step for each PC

If that does not work, I would suggest it would be helpful if you were to connect the cable to each PC and run our handy diagnostic tool at the following link:

A folder with the results will be placed on your desktop after running the tool. To supply the results, you would need to contact us directly at: with Ticket# 380090 in the subject and attach the zip folder results.


Product Owner
Plugable Support

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