Not getting USB-2 port speeds

7-port (usb 2 hub) is not delivering USB-2 ports on Windows 7 laptop. When plug my devices into the various ports, a tray table icon message pops up saying “This device would run faster if plugged into a USB-2 port”. I thought all the ports on this USB 2.0 7 port hub were USB 2.0. Everything worked as USB-2 on my previous D-Link 4-port hub? Why am I not able to get USB-2 speeds with this Plugable Hub? !](](

Hi Chris,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, I’ll be happy to help. The error message you are getting usually only shows up if there’s a problem with the port, the cable or the device. The quickest way to determine which of these is the cause in your case would be to try connecting the hub to another computer.

Do you see the same message?

Also, try connecting to a different port on your computer, does it behave the same?

If you are getting the same results with these two tests, please run our debugging tool and forward the output from it over to us.

Here’s how to do that:

Along with the debug tool output, please send your Amazon order id and the serial number of the unit you have to us at

Once we get these additional details, we’ll be able to figure out the best next steps.