not enough disk space available message - help!

Just trying to move data from a Vista PC to Windows 8 - I have huge amounts of music - hence buying an extra D drive with 3tb of space. The device wants to save everything to C drive which isn’t big enough - how can I change the default to D Drive?

Hi Gavin,

Good question, thanks for asking.

What I generally recommend in this type of scenario is to start by using the “Transfer Data to a New Computer” option, and un-check the folder that contains the large amount of media files. (Probably “Music” in this case, assuming that you used the default location for these files on the Vista system.) Then proceed transferring over the rest of the default folders; Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc - anything you want to go to the standard user folder locations on the C: drive of the new system.

Once the contents of those other folders have completed, then move on to the music (and any other folders you want copied to a non-standard/non-default location). The most straightforward way is to copy the folder(s) using the “Drag & Drop Files” section of the program. We cover this process in our guide to the program found at:…

In brief, the steps do this are:
-Click “Drag and Drop Files” on the Bravura Menu
-Check “Show System Folders” check-box
-In the next Window, browse to the location of your Music (If it’s in the default location, it would be something like C:\Users\Gavin {or whatever you chose as your user name}\Music)
-Once you’ve located your music folder drag the folder to the desired destination location.

With 100s of gigs of music, this transfer will take a good bit of time, but it should allow you to copy in to the D: drive on the new system.