Not detecting monitor

I recently picked up a multi display adapter and when I plugged in the dvi cables it didn’t work. The light turned green but the monitor stayed black and said “DVI No signal” I’m using a ASUS VG248 144hz monitor

Hi Theodore,

Thanks for posting! We also received your direct email at and I have just replied with the next steps, but your recent mention of the specific monitor in use prompted me to dig further. Assuming this is the monitor you are using -> there are two things to point out.

Our adapter does not support a dual-link DVI connection (that your model monitor requires) and it only supports a 60Hz refresh rate. If you connect the Plugable adapter to your monitor using a HDMI to HDMI cable does that produce a different result?

Moving forward, please only respond to my direct email so we can keep all communication in one place.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies