Not connecting to many devices

This hub does not recognize most of my USB devices. iPhone, external battery for iPhone, Seagate external drive, and HP Photosmart 7690 printer. None of these show up when plugged into any of the ports.
I have another external drive, the dongle for my mouse and my Wi-Fi receiver plugged into the the two back and one top port and they are working fine. I have tried switching the problem devices into ports that are confirmed functioning and they are still not connecting. They are getting power, the indicator lights come on, but they don’t show up in My Computer or sync with iTunes.
I am running Windows 7. I got the hub yesterday from Amazon.
SN# D11-00011428

Hi Logan,

Thanks for posting! The Plugable 10 Port Hub is a standard USB 2.0 hub which comes with a 2.5 Amp AC adapter. It assumes a typical mix of high and low power USB devices will be used, consuming 250mA average. It also does not have special support for Apple proprietary charging, beyond the 500mA rate which is standard for USB 2.0.

What this means is that the hub will provide a maximum of 500mA of power to a single port as per USB 2.0 specification and can only provide an aggregate power of 2.5A (2500 mA) to all the downstream devices plugged in, when it is being powered by its AC wall power adapter.

When the hub’s power adapter is not connected, the hub is capable of running purely from bus power (from the host PC). This takes power from one USB port and shares it with all the devices that are connected. This will likely not be enough for any high powered devices ( which require close to the max 500mA as per USB 2.0 specification) or for devices which do not conform to USB 2.0 specification (devices requiring more than 500mA).

Let’s try to figure out if the reason that the devices are not being detected by Window 7 when connected through the Hub is because -:

a) The power adapter is not providing power to the Hub

b) The aggregate power drawn by all the devices is above 2.5A

c) The device needs more than 500mA to function properly

Some quick tests to narrow things down-:

  1. Unplug the hub from the system. Unplug all the devices and just plug in the AC Wall Power adapter. Does the blue LED light up?

The blue LED lights up when the hub gets power either from the upstream system or from the power adapter. So if the blue LED lights up when the hub is disconnected from the upstream system then the power adapter is working well.

  1. Connect the hub to the system. Plug in only the HP Photosmart 7690 printer. Is it being detected by Windows?

  2. Plug in the Seagate external drive into the hub. Is it detected by Windows?

  3. Unplug all devices.Just plug in the devices that were being detected by Windows (WiFi receiver, external drive, the dongle for the mouse). Add the HP Photosmart 7690 printer into the mix by plugging it in. Is it being detected by Windows?

  4. Add the Seagate external drive into he mix by plugging it in. Is it being detected by Windows?

Once you post back with this information we will figure out the next steps!