Not charging apple products

when i plug this into a wall it doens’t charge my iphone, itouch or ipad. is that normal or is this a defective model?

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Unfortunately, USB hubs don’t provide the functionality you’re hoping for. There are two main problems:

  1. Standard USB hubs can’t provide charging power unless they’re connected to a host computer and that computer is on (so that it will have configured the devices, enabling them to draw max power)
  2. Standard USB hubs provide 500mA per port max, whereas Apple products (particularly the iPad) have Apple-proprietary signaling to negotiate more than 500mA. If it’s turned on, the iPad will report “not charging” when connected to a standard 500mA hub port (if the iPad is turned off, it will actually charge at the 500mA max rate, so it does actually charge).

Here is more background on current expectations vs. reality for USB hubs as chargers (especially with Apple products), and what the future might hold:…

So to charge your Apple devices, you’ll need to have the hub attached to a computer that’s on – and then it will charge the devices, but at the USB 2.0 spec rate of 500mA.

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We’ve published an article on the Plugable website about charging Apple’s devices like iPads and iPhones with a self-powered hub. Take a look and reply with your feedback:

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