Not all monitor combinations work

Here’s what I have:
Dell Inspiron 2330
Samsung UN40J6200
Want to use Samsung to duplicate monitor.
WIN P - PC screen only works ( I guess).
WIN P - Duplicate - does not work (Samsung error message - No signal HDMI 1)
WIN P - Extend - works
WIN P - Second screen only - works

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks for checking in!

We recommend against using Windows+P in all cases, as it often has unintended consequences. To set up your displays, please open the Display Settings control panel and configure your display space there.

Let me know if you have any specific questions on how to set up your display space from that control panel!

Thanks Sam. Same problem in Display Settings. It senses there’s a 2nd monitor out there (Samsung) but it won’t let me make it “active”. It does show the UGA300 is active but nothing else.

Oh, and if users shouldn’t be using W+P you might suggest those instruction be removed from the quick start guide.

Thanks for your thoughts. I guess I can live with it like it is. At least I’m part way there…

Thanks for giving that a try. I wasn’t aware that Windows+P was present in the manual, and I apologize for that misguidance. I’ll look into updating the manual.

The behavior you’re describing is unexpected, and I’d like to look at logs to see what could be going wrong. Could you contact me through and mention ticket #240151 so I can give further instructions?

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