Non usb vga monitor hangs after monitor sleeps - windows 7

Why does my non usb vga monitor (windows 7-64bit) hang when the monitors go to sleep? I hit space bar, escape - nothing monitor eventually comes on but suddenly flickering, loading in pieces to no avail - where I have to reboot the system to get both monitors to become live & normal again. What do I need to do?

I actually found a solution to my problem that worked after I posted my question.
It turns out confirming the display drivers are up to date and Nvidia drivers along with downloading the latest DisplayLink drivers for the adapter, available from

Did all of that, rebooted - set my power saving options to
turn off display - never and
put computer to sleep - 1 minute just to see what would happen.
Monitors went to sleep after 1 min. I tapped space bar and my system came back on as normal!

Hi Cee,

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