No Video with UD-CA1 on MacBook Pro 2016 15"

I recently received the UD-CA1 docking station to use with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Everything on it seems to work but video. The video is not detected at all. I also have the Apple HDMI adapter, it works great with the same HDMI cable & Monitor.

Additionally, I have found that the UD-CA1 only powers my laptop correctly when I use the OEM Apple cable. When using the included cable the power keeps constantly connecting and disconnecting.

Do you have any suggestions as how to remedy this problem?

I just found that the Ethernet is also not working on this device. It shows up but says there is no connection. However, the link lights are blinking on the Docking Station and the cable works great plugged into another device. On the plus side, my keyboard and printer function through USB on this device. I have tried to reset it and no change.

I figured out that the Apple USB-C cable that charges reliably does not support data, only power. The supplied USB-C cable is very touchy. If i move it wrong the entire platform will freak out and loose connectivity. However, I am now getting video which is better than i was getting before. Hopefully it will continue to work.

I replied too soon, it worked for about 10 minutes then the video went out. I will go to the store and purchase a USB-C cable that is certified and see if it preforms any better and update my status.

EDIT: I purchased a Belkin USB-C cable and still can not make it work. I can hear a high pitched electronic noise intermittently coming out of the Pluggable unit which seems to be timed with the dropping of connection. While trying to make the video work this unit managed to completely crash my MacBook requiring a hard reboot. I will be returning this to Amazon. It isn’t worth the trouble.

Hi Jim,

Appreciate the detailed troubleshooting notes. Apologies that things aren’t working as they should.

Give what you’ve described, I think the best approach will be to have a replacement unit pre-tested in our labs and sent to you. At your convenience, please email (subject: Ticket 165824) and we’ll quickly get a couple of bits of info to make the necessary arrangements.