No video from DSLR through Elgato Cam Link to Mac OSX

I have a Canon 5D Mark ii that I run through an Elgato Cam Link to my Mac and PC to use as a webcam. I bought the UD-6950H to switch my computers between monitors and this video input, but when I run it through the plugable dock, I can select the Cam Link input, but the video feed is black. If I plug it directly into the computer, the video shows up fine.

Any help on how to enable this through the plugable dock would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for contacting Plugable! I will be happy to provide some information with regards to using a CamLink with one of our docking stations.

Capturing video over USB is a very data and resource intensive process. What you may be experiencing is a limitation in how much data can be sent through USB 3.0 at one time, unfortunately this is not something that can be solved by troubleshooting. The CamLink is very sensitive to the amount of bandwidth it requires. When it is connected directly to your host computers, it can be the only device on a USB controller hub.

Please note that this problem can creep up when directly connecting to a host computer as well, if the USB host controller is overloaded by other devices. This could include storage, other cameras, and more.

You can find some technical details here (This article discusses using more than one Webcam, however Section 4 and 5 discuss high bandwidth cameras) →

A recommendation would be to use something like our USB3-SWITCH2 ( ) to share your CamLink between two computers. However this may not work exactly as you would hope either.

If you are having additional trouble with your UD-6950H, please feel free to contact us directly so that we can gather some additional technical details. You can contact us here →

I apologize that I do not have a better solution for you at this time.

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