No video from docking station to dual monitors

Just got my UD3900Z yesterday as well as USB 3.0 switch 3 however video through the dock to HDMI ports on the monitors has not worked yet. I have to hookup VGA from one computer to one monitor.I’m trying to switch between (2) HP Mini Prodesk computers, wireless keyboard and mouse, internet and displays.
I have uninstalle and cleaned the Displaylink software and reinstalled as well as reset dock multiple times. I’ve also sent stats of system through email as well as Amazon order number. One of the desktops has USB C, I even tried connecting that to no avail. What’s next?

After finding the joystick control at the bottom of the monitor many hours into this I finally set the monitor to HDMI input, both systems working now with dual monitors! My bad.

Hello there,

No problem at all! We’re happy to hear you were able to get your monitors on both systems.

If you should ever run into any other trouble, just let us know.

Have a good rest of your week.


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