No Sound

I’m using MacBook Pro laptop with Mountain Lion. Up until 2 days ago my Plugable docking station had worked flawlessly…then suddenly no sound. I plugged a headset into the docking station - there still was no sound. Please advise.

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for contacting Plugable. Sorry for the difficulties the dock’s speaker/headphone jack is causing right now.

On you MacBook, if you go into System Preferences, there should be a Sound option.

Within the Sound panel, there is a tab for Output. Please click it.

When the dock is hooked up, there should be an option called USB Multimedia Audio Device.

Highlight and make sure that the output volume slider at the bottom of the Sound panel is not turned all the way down and that the Mute checkbox is not selected.

Let me know what you find. If you don’t have the USB Multimedia Audio Device in the Output section or the volume for that device is turned up already and not muted but there still is no sound from the dock, let me know.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies