No Sound

I have a DC-125 that does not have have any sound coming out of the headphone jack.

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Quick question: What operating system are you using the DC-125 with?

For more background on configuring USB audio and docking stations on Windows 7, we have a post to help:…

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I am using multipoint server 2011

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Do you have multiple units of the DC-125 ( to make it easy to isolate down a hardware problem? If not, is there a Windows desktop machine around, on which we could test the DC-125, confirm audio is working, then bring back to WMS 2011 to configure?

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I have four other DC-125 units on the same machine and they all have working sound output. I have also tried using working headphones and speakers on the DC-125 but still it does not have any sound.

Hi Thad,

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If you swap a working DC-125 with the suspect unit (exchanging headphones and USB connection), and the problem follows the suspect unit, that would confirm it.

In that case, please just email us at with your Amazon order # and we’ll get a replacement out to you right away.

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amazon order #002-3727635-4573065