No Sound From HDTV When Connected to Laptop Via Plugable Adapter


Hello – I’m having trouble getting sound from my Vista laptop to my HDTV via the Plugable USB2-HDMI-165. From reading thru the FAQ and support lists, I think that I’m supposed to be able to select HDMI sound thru the Windows Control Panel, but there I see only two sound options – either the laptop’s built-in speaks, or a set of Bose external speakers that I sometimes plug into the stereo port. The Bose speakers work fine with the Plugable adapter driving the HDTV, but I was hoping to use the TV’s speakers.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for posting! Quick question - can you confirm which product you have


B) or the

They’re physically quite different in appearance, so you’ll see it right off from the pics.

Thanks for letting us know!


Hi Frank,

We never heard from you on which adapter you have. Could you please reply here or email us at There’s confusion here - please let us help you!



Hi Frank,

My apologies here! We were waiting for your reply, but I dug through our records and found your order (which I should have done earlier).

You do have the USB2-HDMI-165.

So if you’re still willing, I’m very eager to figure what went wrong here with the audio portion of the device. I’m very sorry for the delay.

With the USB2-HDMI-165, here’s what you should see in the Windows 7 Sound control panel (screenshot will be shown on the support web site)


The “USB PnP Sound Device” is the USB audio device on this Plugable adapter. As always with Windows, only one audio device can be enabled at a time (for each of playback, recording and communication), so to switch defaults, we need to be able to see the USB option here and then switch to it (using the “Set Default” button that’s circled)

If you’re not seeing this USB sound device when the apdapter is plugged in and powered on (the green LED on front lit and graphics output working), then something is definitely going wrong.

If so, let’s dig a little deeper and see what Windows’ Device Manager shows us. In Device Manager, when the adapter is working properly you should see two devices show up when the adapter is plugged in: one graphics and one audio. It is these two graphics and audio streams that are multiplexed over the HDMI cable. Here’s what it should look like (with the two devices highlighted):


Are you seeing both graphics and audio devices?

Thanks for getting us this extra information - again, my apologies!