no sound coming from the 3.0 docking station port

display link 3.0’s Plugable Audio doesn’t seem to be working, followed instructions from this forum but still silent, using both 7.9 and 8.3 drivers. its connected to a laptop lenovo Y700

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Are you trying to get audio out of the docks HDMI port, or the front panel audio port? You may have to select the appropriate output device in the sound control panel and set it as default.

From the front panel audio port. I went to the audio control panel and set the Plugable Audio to the default device, used to be the laptop one (Realtek High Def Audio), still nothing

Thanks for giving that a try. It sounds like something deeper is going on here.

Could you get in touch at so I can give you instructions on how to get me logs from your machine? I’d like to dive in and take a look.