no signal on the Dell monitor connected via HDMI


I connected the Dell monitor to the UD-3900 docking station via HDMI cable. Then the docking station is connected to my laptop via USB 3.0 port but there’s no signal coming in to the monitor


Hello Tin,

Thanks for the post! I’m sorry your product isn’t working as expected, but I’m happy to help. There’s a few things that could be causing the issue, our first step is to get more information from your system. To do so please send us the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug ( via email ( This will help us determine the next steps. If you wouldn’t mind, please include “Ticket #174697” in the subject line.

Thank you!



Hello Tin,

We’re going to close this thread, but of course feel free to reach out via email ( if you have any other questions or issues.