"no signal found" Error

I have model # UD-ULTCDL plugged into a new dell XPS 13- via USBC and out to a Dell 17” 4K monitor (U2718Q). Display is at 3840x2160

Every few minutes, the monitor goes dark and displays “signal not found” and then in a few seconds, the display comes up again. This keeps on repeating itself throughout the day.

This happens when HDMI cable is plugged in either in the 4K port or the HDMI port. Tried using a different HDMI cable / rebooting plugable. Did not fix the problem. Laptop / Monitor work fine on a simple USB-C to HDMI converter.

Anyone else had similar issue?

Tech support suggests I use tool and upload computer vitals to them; network admin at my work asked I do not do that.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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