No response from UD-3900 with my Yoga 2 Pro

Does the UD-3900 work with the Yoga 2 Pro ?

I am getting no response from my 2 monitors Gateway FHD2400 monitors. Each monitor is capable of 1920X1200.

I just purchased from Amazon and received the UD-3900 just yesterday.

When I connect the USB 3.0 cable from the UD-3900 my Yoga 2 Pro DOES respond with the new USB connection sound however I never received any notice saying new drivers are being installed.

Here is my configuration:
One DVI to HDMI cable coming from the UD-3900 DVI into the HDMI of one FHD2400 monitor.
One HDMI to HDMI cable coming from the UD-3900 HDMI into the HDMI of the other FHD2400 monitor.

In the multiple monitor wizard I only see my laptop display.

I can successfully connect an HDMI directly from the Yoga 2 Pro to either of the 2 FHD2400 the displays individually.