I have downloaded the program into my computer, confirmed in the control panel, but the light will not light up when plugged into the usb port. Computer recognizes by sound the something was plugged into usb port but no power. Running Windows 7.

Hi George,

Thank you for posting the question here!

Actually the green LED doesn’t indicate receiving power, but establishing the Link level connectivity. That light means in Link (physical address) level, the communication has made. For example, the light won’t be on if an active network cable wasn’t plugged into the RJ-45 port.

It sounded that the adapter seems to have been recognized by Windows. What kind of network are you trying to connect? If it’s in the offices or institutes, sometimes the wired network is filtered by the physical address for security reason. In that case you’d need to contact to your IT team to make a new network adapter work.

If it’s at your home, some of the router or cable modem would require to power cycling (power off-on) to get the new physical address.

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