No network connection

Plugable usb 3 connected by a cable to a wireless access point shows up as a network device but says no network connectivity. The wireless connection to the same AP works fine at the same time. This is Win 8.1 on a ThinkPad. What do I need to do to get this to work?

We worked with Michael through our email ticketing system to resolve this issue.

For the benefit of others who may see this post while researching similar behavior, here is what was done:
-Suggested connecting the dock directly to a router or switch with the same ethernet cable to see if the behavior was the same.
-Behavior was the same, so next step was to try connection with another known-good cat5e/6 cable.
-Connection worked with different cable; original cable was either bad, or missing internal wires that allow for full-duplex operation (the DisplayLink chips require a full-duplex connection).