No more 5k?

I’m running a Dell Precision 5510 with Windows 10, with all drivers and firmware up to date. It’s connected via a Plugable TB3->Dual Displaport adapter to a Dell UP2715K 5K monitor. Up until a month ago, I had the option of setting the external monitor to 5K when connected to both Displayport cables. Since then, I’ve upgraded drivers, etc., and now it only goes up to 4K. This is the same for two different machines. Has anybody else seen this issue?

Apologies…just killed power to the monitor, and the 5K option came back. Very strange.

Thanks for posting, and thanks for the quick follow-up letting us know you found a solution.

I have seen instances in the past where a monitor stopped working as expected and a full power cycle (by pulling the power cord) was required to get things working properly. Thanks for taking the time troubleshoot the issue and sharing the results here!